Mr. Ritu Raj

Festival Chairman

Mr. Ritu Raj is the present president of Rajasthan Progressive Writers Association.

Born in 1940, Rituraj is a poet of international stature. There are more than a dozen of poetry books by him and all of them are well received by readers and critics. His poetry is widely translated in Indian and foreign languages. He taught English for 38 years in various colleges of Rajasthan. A traveller by nature Rituraj has written most of his poetry in the deep forests of Rajasthan, so he calls it outdoor poetry. To his credit there are so many awards like Meera, Bihari, Kanhaiya Lal Sethiya, Pahal, Somdutt, Ghasi Ram Verma, Subrahmaniam Bharti, Shamsher Samman etc.
He has been a languange expert in China Radio Internation (CRI) for 3 years. Recently such of his experiences in China have appeared in ‘China Diary’, published by Rajpal.


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