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Organised by Progressive Writers Association Rajasthan

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Read Our Terms & Condition Carefully Before Registration

Free Entry for all:

1.Any person above 15 years of age should register for free entry. Children below 15 years of age should come with parents'/guardians or teachers. In such cases the adults should have a registration preferably.

2. Each registration has a unique ID and it may be cheked at any time for security reasons.

3. One pass is valid for single person only and it is non-transferable. Multiple entries in a day are allowed for convenience.

4. The organizers have the rights to prohibit entry of any person, or expel any person from the venue on the basis of any complaint regarding behaviour, abusing, harassing, threatening, stalking and such inappropriate acts causing hurdles for festival and participants.

5. No individual have unrestricted access to all areas of the festival venue.

Program schedule:

The organizers reserves the right to change the program schedule at any time, depending upon the circumstances


Each and everyone should carry at least one photo ID along with unique registration serial No

General Behavior:

Every participant should behave in a descent manner.

It is not allowed to violate the legal rights of other persons along with Indian and local laws.

Promotional materials may be distributed at the festival venue prior to preapproval by the organizers. No one is allowed to violate this policy.

One is liable for payment of damages caused by him to any of the festival property.

One is responsible for his belongings.

As per law no one is allowed to use, consume and carry alcohol, tobacco products, narcotic substances on the festival venue, as it is a Govt. premises.

No one is allowed to carry any kind of weapons, arms, hazardous substances on the venue.

Our Privacy Policy

We are concerned with the protection of your privacy. Your personal information with us, is only for security reasons. Our T&C policy may be changed at any time for smooth running of festival and security.

RSVP Location

Location Map

Address :- Youth Hostel Campus, Ambedkar Circle, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Phone :- +91-9413327070,+91-9829190626

E-mail :- rpwa.plf@gmail.com